Hello Again, I'm Ruolin

I am a thinker and problem-solver with a multi-disciplinary background. During my undergraduate years at UC Berkeley, my practice in art history trained me to think critically yet creatively, while my experiences in data science pushes me to think logically. I learned how to bring my skillsets together via studying digital humanities, and further attempted to create something impactful by pursuing UX.

Trying out and studying such a diverse range of field is hard, yet I welcome the challenge. The result is rewarding. I learned to approach matters from more perspectives and to think from other people's feet. 

Currently a Master's student in Georgia Tech's MS-Human Computer Interaction program, I am using my unique skillset to improve people's experience with products. I enjoy listening to other's opinions as they demonstrate ways to approach the product from a different aspect. 

Outside of work, I love cooking new dishes, traveling with friends and family, sketching and jotting down interesting stuff that I encounter, as well as reading all kinds of books.


I'd always love to chat more! Find me at cyangrl29@gmail.com or on LinkedIn.

You can also check out my resume.