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Ongoing Work

Hi, I'm Ruolin

Design user progression system for ZenVR

Trained in human-centered research and design, I create engaging experiences for users.


Master in Human Computer Interaction at Georgia Tech

# UX Design

# UX Research

# Data Visualization

Note: you can always find my latest resume here!


Background in History of Art, Data Science, and Digital Humanities at UC Berkeley

Featured Works

Class Project

A all-in-one visitor app for the High Museum of Art that enriches the visiting experience.

Second Hive

Class Project

An app that helps Georgia Tech students move out sustainably.

Fun things I did...

Interactive Exhibition in Museum

The Magnes Collection of Jewish Art and Life

Built an iPad workstation for an exhibition that allows users to create digital collages from the original art on display.

r/AmItheAsshole User Behavior Study

Class Project

Conducted qualitative and quantitative research on the post-edit patterns of subreddit r/AmItheAsshole users.

Interactive Data Visualization

Class Project

Created an interactive data visualization to help user with choosing a stronger Pokemon team.

Pride and Prejudice Text Analysis

Class Project

Explored how Jane Austen delivered her viewpoint on marriage by analyzing characters in Pride and Prejudice using natural language processing,

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